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Who We Are

Established in early 2001, with the goal of providing a large selection of high quality cPanel Skins and DirectAdmin Skins. Our skins were developed with the idea of giving hosting companies the tools to start with one of our themes and turn it into their own.

We understand there's a lot of competition within the hosting industry and it is our objective to be the company you decide to work with in providing your customers a unique, clean, and visually appealing look to managing their websites.

What’s New?

Having been developing cPanel Skins and DirectAdmin Themes for over 21 years; we felt it was finally time to do a complete refresh of all of our current skins along with some incredible new skins in the works.

Times have changed, the desired look customers are looking for is fresh, clean, easy to navigation and we feel with our new skins we have accomplished that. Each skin will come with a matching Login Screen, and Web Mail Screen FREE of charge. Along with the re-launch of our current skins we are refocusing on support and our sites ease of use.

What's Coming in 2023

Our goal in 2023 is to Reinvent, Reimagine, Recreate, and Redefine our Skins and our Company. We are actively working on our new website along with brand new cPanel & DirectAdmin Themes. At this stage we are not 100% decided on which themes from the past will make it to the new site, but I can assure you all new or existing themes will be designed and coded from the ground up making sure they are up to date, completely responsive to be mobile ready and user friendly to modify.

Get in touch with us if you have any suggestions, feedback or just questions about where we are at. We want to focus on releasing themes that are the complete package, and on quality not quantity. We are all ears to extra features and ideas you might have.

Previews Coming Soon

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The new CPSkins starts today! Signup below to get Updates on our New Website, New Themes, and of course sneak peaks of some of the new Themes we are working on. We would love you to be part of this in 2023 and your feedback is important. We have to set deadline, except that we want to make sure a theme is 100% before we release it.

If you signup, you will be the first to know everything. Once we send our our updates, and get feedback we will then post images on Instagram. Follow us on Instagram

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If you have any questions, concerns, or even suggestions we would love to hear them at [email protected]